Funds for a Rural Clinic & Basic Sanitation

The Chipinge District in Zimbabwe is home to a rural community of about 700 people which is growing. Currently this large community has no access to clean water or medical facilities. It's people have to travel for many days to the nearest town for medical treatments. They do not have the required basic sanitation and during the rain seasons, the community is usually affected by the outbreak of cholera. They desperately need basic health facilities.

We initially aim to raise £20,000 to build a medical clinic and improve the sanitation for the whole community. Voluntary labour will be provided by the local people and this will help cut down the costs of our projects. We hope generous donors will come forward to help and that the clinic will eventually serve a larger population, in the district.

Mr George Nduma Sithole, now living in the United Kingdom, came originally from Zimbabwe and is working with the local people to raise funds for these projects. He is also the current director of Zimbabwe Aid Trust (ZAT). The community's centre is now called the Batanai Development Centre (BDC), and Mr Sithole travels to zimbabwe regularly to co-ordinate the activities at the centre.

Help us re-build our country.

It is estimated that there are over 200,000 orphans in Zimbabwe and this continues to grow year on year. Among these orphans are people who have talents and gifts in diverse fields and are able to contribute immensely to the development of our country, if they are only given the opportunity. Even those without talents, can help make a difference, if they are placed in the right environment. It is their contribution that will rebuild Zimbabwe as a functioning nation.

Zimbabwe Aid Trust (ZAT) believes that all humans are equal and must therefore be accorded all the protection they deserve. We believe that all life of living species is precious and must be treated with great respect. There can be no human life without animals and plants, they are our prime factors and this is also why environmental issues are crucial to modern development.

While we in ZAT are seeking aid to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other killer diseases, we realise that it is the people of Zimbabwe who have a long term solution to their health problems.

Rome was not built in a day, and we aim to help build a infrastructure that will give our people an edge to overcome our health problems. We know our people have faith in us as we were born and bred in this country. We want to take advantage of these factors to bring out real development in our country.

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