In today's world, it is impossible to do entirely without money, because those who run the world require one to have it, if he or she is to survive. However, our organisation does not need a lot of money to be able to run our health centre because we are putting a great emphasis on self-reliance. We are requesting funds to give us a kick start to get to the stage of being able to support ourselves.

Those who are interested in our work can donate as much or as little as they like, even small donations can make all the differnce to our nation.

All donations to be payable to 'Zimbabwe Aid Trust'.

To Pay directly into our bank

Zimbabwe Aid Trust
National Westminster Bank,
81 High Street, Bedford.
MK40 1NE

Account No. 62276743
Sort Code: 60-02-13

Cheques & Postal Orders

Zimbabwe Aid Trust
George Nduma Sithole
34 Christie Road
MK42 0EL

Online Donations

If you would like to donate online we've signed up with so you can be sure your online payment is secure, and what's more if you are a UK taxpayer we can also claim back gift aid on your payments, making your donations even bigger.

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Or alternatively if you are thinking about fund raising for ZAT why not create yourself a fund raising page at It's easy to do and allows you to receive donations from people all around the world.

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Other forms of help

We are also looking for donations in the form of equipment and machinery. For example we require the following;

  • A seven to eight seater truck.
  • A tractor.
  • An Ambulance.
  • Science, engineering and technology books.
  • Science, engineering and technology machinery and equipment.
  • Hospital or medical equipment, including drugs or medicine.

For a full list of our requirements please contact us.

Advice & Technical Assistance.

All poor countries in Sub-Saharan Africa see money as the only option to solve their economic and social problems and this is why they are in such severe debts.

Our organisation aims to train people to realise that they can produce all their basic needs if they organise themselves into a viable labour force, even with limited amounts of money. We have found there are always people around who are ready to help and it's these people that we are looking for. They realise to live in a peaceful world, we need to co-operate, even where hard cash or money isn't involved.

We realise we have an ambitious programme to develop the medical centre along with the training facility and if you have any advice or technical knowledge that you feel could be beneficial then please get in contact with us.

Voluntary Work

It is a mamouth task to lfit our nation from it's current level to the level where all our people can enjoy good health.

The problem of recruiting suitable instructors is a daunting one, but this can be overcome by looking to the developed countries for volunteers, as well as encouraging retired people to offer their services for the benefit of their communities. We in Zimbabwe Aid Trust see no other options if we wish to develop our country, apart from encouraging the masses to engage themselves in voluntary work, which will benefit them and their prosterity.

Those who take up voluntary work will enjoy it, have a enough food to eat and water to drink. Under visionary leadership they can act as a bedrock for innovations and will have the potential to create sensible jobs. Only sensible jobs can be linked to real development.

We shall be looking for volunteers from abroad, as soon as we have established the necessary basic facilities. If you would like any more information please contact us.