Monitoring & Evaluation.

What makes us different?

ZAT is different from many of the well established non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as although we are registered overseas, we are actually run by the indigenous people of Zimbabwe. We know our people have faith in us as we were born and bred in this country and we hope to take advantage of these factors to bring out real development in our country.

We are quite aware that African-led organisations are generally viewed with suspicion, when it comes to the question of financial aid. Doners prefer to deal with already well established foreign NGOs. Unlike the other established NGOs operating in sub-Saharan Africa, which are branches of foreign agencies, we struggle to raise funds from the rich and developed countries due to this lack of trust, held by prospective donors that the funds will not be used beneficially. We have therefore adopted self-reliance as one of our guiding principles towards accomplishing our mission.

We hope to train people to realise that they can produce all their basic needs if they organise themselves into a viable labour force, even with limited amounts of money.

Management Team

The management team will monitor the progress of the project on a daily basis, to ensure that any faults detected are promptly rectified. Interested individuals, agencies, Local Authorities and other organisations will be welcome to make suggestions which we hope will make the project a viable one. Doners will be particularly welcome to inspect all activities of the institution and give constructive ideas.

Progress reports will be produced quarterly and distributed to members of the public, including interested agencies, organisations, donors, local authorities etc.

Mr George Nduma Sithole Director - Trustee

Mr Sithole was born and bred in Zimbabwe. He qualified as a teacher and taught in rural areas of Zimbabwe, before studying in Higher Education institutions in the United Kingdom. He studied Physics, Mathematics and Electronics at under-graduate and Electronic Engineering at Postgraduate (MSc).

He is a member of the institute of Physics (MInstP) as well as a member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET). Mr Sithole is also an enviromentalist by training. He spent some time in Zimbabwe, teaching science and Mathematics in secondary schools, ending up lecturing on Technology at Harare Polytechnic. He has also worked within industry in various capacities.

Mr Sithole has been in the United Kingdom for almost 35 years, but travels between Zimbabwe and Britain to give technical help wherever there is a need to. He and his colleagues will make sure this project is a success story and benefits the people of Zimbabwe.

Reverend Josiah Kawuyani Mhlanga Director - Trustee

The Rev J K Mhlanga is also born and bred in Zimbabwe. He qualified as a teacher and taught for several years in rural Zimbabwe before going to Theological College. After a four year training as Theologian, he rejoined teaching and at the same time offering pastoral services to the communities.

He is currently working with the Chipinge Local Autority on socio-economic matters. His local experience is unparalleled and is the person to give the most sought after guidance, in our endeavour to bring sustainable development to our communities.


If you would like to contact either of the management team then please look at the contact page.