Chipinge Districts.

The Trust has been offered suitable land in the Chipinge area, which is large enough to accommodate all facilities which are expected to be developed for the benefit of the surrounding communities. The combined population is about 700,000 with about 80 secondary schools, whose school leavers will benefit from the training we hope to offer in our skills centre, at Batanai.

Both Chipinge and Chimanimani Districts are situated on the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, near the border with Mozambique. The area receives the best rainfall in the country and is therefore good at agricultural products, which include fruit and dairy.

Africa is endowed with a great diversity of natural resources, some of which haven't been touched upon, yet this continent whose people are experiencing dire poverty, ignorance disease and hunger. These natural resources are for all of us, as it can be easily proven that some of the raw materials from which numerous goods are made, have their origin in Africa.

Zimbabwe and the surrounding areas

Location of the Chipinge District

Environmental Strategy

Accepting that environmental issues are currently on the global centre stage, the Learning Centre will actively participate in advising organisations, agencies and individuals alike on the best methods of implementing development projects without causing environmental degradation, while deriving benefits from natural resources in a sustainable manner.