Batanai Development Centre - Clinic & Creche

We need to build a clinic as soon as possible. This clinic will serve a population of over 100 000 people. It will deal with all health cases, when it is fully operational.

In sub-Saharan Africa it is always best to give priority to matters which affect the health of people. These include clean water, food security, and medicine etc. We this in mind it is our priority to build the clinic as soon as possible and the funds are available.

As well as the clinic providing urgent medical care for the local communities we also hope to incorporate a creche/school for the children. At present they are using a one of the derelict buildings as a classroom, which has no basic facilities at all.

Please see below for a rough sketch of the building we hope to build.

For people to feel that they are human beings they have to enjoy good health, meaning that they must also have something to eat. Which is why, whilst the clinic is being re-furbished we will also be looking to increase the food security of the area.

Our project will put great emphasis on self-reliance and the establishment of a small voluntary sector within the framework of our programme. Local material and labour are easily available, making our task much easier and cheaper.

£100,000 will cover most of the costs to build and run the centre for 3 years or more, assuming that much of the work will be carried out by volunteers, and the centre will be capable of generating some funds. The development of the centre will be an on-going process, and we hope that well-wishers, will continue to support us in any way they see fit.

We will be happy to supply further information on request, about this and the whole programme to be undertaken at the Batanai Development Centre.