Clinic and Hospital - A Priority

While we tend to focus on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe, we also realise that thousands and thousands of people are dying of curable diseases. This is why it is very important for us to encourage the development of a health infrastructure that will provide diverse health facilities throughout Zimbabwe.

Our first priority or goal is to set up health facilities within our base at the Batanai Development Centre in Chipinge. There are currently some derelict buildings which we intend to refurbish as soon as funds are available. Some of these rooms will be converted into a clinic, with facilities to look after the health of our staff as well as a start in providing care to the local communities. Later on we hope to develop the clinic into a hospital which will serve the local population and be able to deal with all health cases.

Donations in kind are always welcome, especially in the form of equipment and machinery. A list of equipment and machinery we require is available on request, please fill in the contact form.

Improving the quality of life for the communities within the Chipinge District.

The trust seeks to reduce poverty, ignorance and disease, by empowering communities through training in basic skills and practices to help themselves using the local natural resources and improving their knowledge and skills in agriculture, which is the most important economic activity in Chipinge.

The objective of the institution are:

  • To promote a programme of sustainable food security and economic growth through training in appropiate agricultural practices.
  • To promote a programme of long term development, management and sustainable utilisation of natural resources.
  • To establish the administrative and institutional structures, so as to make the programme work.
  • To expand into areas of need, such as health (see below), engineering, science, agriculture, technology etc., where and when such needs are identified by the communities.